The Issues

Make an informed choice. The power to change the lives of others and your own is in your hands. Here are some of the issues surrounding animal rights.

Pigs are in­tel­li­gent, so­cial an­i­mals who form strong bonds with their fam­i­lies. But Aus­tralia's 5 mil­lion+ fac­to­ry farmed pigs will nev­er run or wal­low >>


It’s a myth that Meri­nos are well adapt­ed to the Aus­tralian en­vi­ron­ment. In truth se­lec­tive breed­ing has left them sus­cepti­ble to dis­ease & par­a­sites >>


Sci­ence has proven that fish feel pain and fear just as mam­mals do, yet they re­ceive no pro­tec­tion from tor­ture, abuse and vi­o­lent death >>


The dairy in­dus­try en­cour­ages us to be­lieve that cows na­t­u­ral­ly pro­duce milk for hu­man con­sump­tion >>


9-10 mil­lion cows are killed an­nu­al­ly in Aus­tralia to be­come "beef". Cows na­t­u­ral­ly live 20-25 years, but a beef cow’s lifes­pan is just 15-20 months >>


488 mil­lion broil­ers or “meat chick­ens” die in Aus­tralian slaugh­ter hous­es ev­ery year af­ter short mis­er­able lives in mas­sive filthy sheds >>


Chances are, your break­fast egg came from a bat­tery hen who will spend her short life in a tiny bar­ren wire cage >>


“Free-range”, “hu­mane­ly-reared”, and sim­i­lar la­bels en­cour­age us to be­lieve we can have our cow and eat her too >>

'Humane' Meat

It’s a com­fort­ing fan­ta­sy that “food an­i­mals” die quick­ly and pain­less­ly. But there is no hu­mane way to kill bil­lions of an­i­mals for food >>