Our pur­pose is to end the com­plete­ly un­ne­ces­sary abuse and suf­fer­ing of the bil­lions of an­i­mals who each year are raised and killed to be eat­en, ex­per­i­ment­ed up­on, worn, hunt­ed and im­pri­s­oned.

Pro­tect­ing the rights of all an­i­mals

We aim to in­spire peo­ple to take ac­tion and make changes in their lives that re­sult in a more com­pas­sio­nate world. Say­ing good­bye to prod­ucts that were made in­volv­ing an­i­mal abuse is a sim­ple step peo­ple can take to achieve this goal, and we pro­vide a wealth of in­for­ma­tion for any­one in­ter­est­ed in ex­plor­ing a healthy and cru­el­ty free ve­g­an lifestyle.

De­li­cious ve­g­an wrap

The UP­ROAR res­cue team reg­u­lar­ly car­ries out res­cues and in­vesti­ga­tions on fac­to­ry farms, where more than 55 bil­lion an­i­mals around the world are raised to be slaugh­tered for their meat each year. Our res­cue team makes sure sick and dy­ing an­i­mals re­ceive ve­t­eri­nary care and draws public at­ten­tion to the hor­rif­ic con­di­tions in­side fac­to­ry farms.

Uproar rescue team investigating a rabbit meat factory

Up­roar res­cue team in­vesti­gat­ing a rab­bit meat fac­to­ry

In cam­paign­ing for a bet­ter world we align our­selves with other groups work­ing for so­cial change against an­i­mal abuse, ra­cism, sex­ism, ho­mo­pho­bia, and in de­fense of hu­man rights and the en­vi­ron­ment.

You can make a re­al dif­fer­ence to our strug­gle to stop an­i­mal cru­el­ty by be­com­ing an UP­ROAR sup­port­er >